For Students

Textbooks with companion websites are now available. Students may join their teachers’ courses and will be able to enter their access code or purchase access at any point in the 14-day grace period that begins on the first date of access.

Once they enter their unique Lingco code, students and independent learners receive 18 months of access to the companion website.

How do I join my class on the companion website for the first time?

If you are learning without a teacher, please see the instructions on the Independent Learners page.

If you are learning with a teacher, follow these instructions:

Option 1: Your teacher has given you a Course Link.

Option 2: Your teacher has added you to their companion website class roster and you have received an email from Lingco.

Option 3: Your teacher has given you a Course Code and not a link.

Unsure of how to join your course? Ask your teacher!

For questions related to the Lingco companion websites, please visit and use the chat bubble in the bottom right corner to reach out to a representative.