Companion Websites

Companion Websites for Comme on dit and C’est ce qu’on dit, powered by Lingco, bring teachers and students hundreds of interactive activities and any corresponding multimedia on a platform designed specifically for language learning.


Instructors can see a sample chapter of the companion websites by clicking the below button and following the steps provided:

Instructors can also view the full content of any companion website in demo mode. Access for instructors is always free. Instructor validation required; approval granted in 1-2 business days.

Click here to learn more about setting up your course and adding students to your roster.

Students and Independent Learners

Students and independent learners receive 18 months of access that begins after a free 14-day grace period.

For students enrolled in a course with an instructor, click here to learn more about connecting to your instructor’s course.

For students using a textbook without a teacher, click here to learn more.

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