A new way to learn French

A new way to learn French

The Comme on dit French Language Program is an innovative approach to language learning, guiding students to make their own discoveries about the language and use it like a native speaker would.

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eTextbooks are now available to purchase or rent through VitalSource.com! Pricing and availability are the same for both the Comme on dit and C’est ce qu’on dit eTextbooks:

365-DAY RENTAL: $112.46
180-DAY RENTAL: $82.47
120-DAY RENTAL: $74.97

eBook Workbooks and eBook Workbook Answer Keys are now available through press.georgetown.edu and VitalSource.com. Workbooks are $19.95 for each textbook, and the corresponding answer keys are $4.95. They are sold in ebook format only.

Instructors may request a digital sample of any of the above by logging onto VitalSource.com, selecting “Faculty Sampling” in the upper right-hand corner, and selecting the desired products. When requesting the eTextbook, please select the version labeled “Digital Exam Copy,” which includes the answers to the textbook activities. To request a print copy of the textbook, please visit the book’s page on press.georgetown.edu.

Update on Companion Websites

As of January 1, 2021, Smart Sparrow Companion Websites are no longer available for Comme on dit and C’est ce qu’on dit.

New companion websites are coming soon, and will be hosted by Lingco.
Instructors may sample the new companion websites now by clicking below.
The full websites will be available for fall 2021 course adoption.