For Independent Learners

We are pleased to announce that textbooks with companion websites are now available for full use by independent learners. All companion websites for Georgetown University Press textbooks can be used either independently or in a class with an instructor.

I bought a textbook and have not yet started using it for independent study. I noticed it does not include companion website access. What do I do? 

If you are still able to return the “standalone” textbook, we encourage you to do so and purchase the textbook with companion website access instead by using the links below.

If you have already purchased the standalone textbook and are unable to return it, you may purchase access to the new Lingco companion website separately by clicking on the links below. The “card” version is a print card with a scratch-off code, and the “code” version is electronically sent to the student upon purchase. Email codes will be delivered by Hopkins Fulfillment Service (HFS). After entering your unique Lingco code, you will receive 18 months of access to the companion website.

Purchasing the standalone textbook and the companion website access separately will be the same price as ordering the bundled textbook + website (i.e., the version with the new ISBN). Please note that the content of the textbooks has not changed; the only difference is that companion website access is included with the new textbook ISBN, and there is a slightly different cover (which mentions the website).

Now that I have my Lingco code, how do I redeem it?

To redeem your Lingco code

  1. Set up an account here on
  2. When prompted, select “Student,” and enter “Lingco Independent Learners” as your school.
  3. Please enter the course codes in the list below that correspond to the textbook(s) you’re using.

Comme on dit: b1b2159
C’est ce qu’on dit: 13c0d4a

4. Once you’ve entered the code, you will be able to access the 14-day trial of the course. You will still be required to enter in your unique independent learner code to gain full access. Please click on the banner at the top of the Lingco course that says “Pay for [your textbook name]”.
5. You will then enter your unique code. If you ordered the textbook(s) with website, this will be found in the front of your book. If you purchased the website separately from the textbook, please use the code delivered to you via email from Hopkins Fulfillment Service or on your print scratch-off card.
6. Congratulations, you have successfully signed up for your course! After entering your unique Lingco code, you will receive 18 months of access to the companion website.

Will I be able to use all of the companion websites’ functionality as an independent learner?

Companion websites include hundreds of activities, many of which provide automated feedback and/or sample answers. Some activities, however, may require manual grading by an instructor. In these cases, while independent learners can complete the activities, feedback is not be given on them because there is no instructor to review them.

For questions related to the Lingco companion websites, please visit and use the chat bubble in the bottom right corner to reach out to a representative.

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